Performance Modifications


VelocityTech Episode #5 In this episode we talk tires! We take a more in depth look at tires with a veteran tire technician. From what the sizing numbers really mean to nitrogen filled tires. The contact patch is the only link between your car and the road. There is an overwhelming selection of tires from all manufacturers. Any and all modifications performed on your car could be rendered useless without the right type of tires. We cover a variety of issues in an effort to provide as much information as possible to make your tire selection as comfortable as possible.


VelocityTech Episode #4 In this episode we discuss the benefits of powder coating and ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings have incredible benefits that are just recently being discovered and powder coatings are being used for a multitude of applications. These benefits include such items such as looks, performance, and cost savings.


2008 has been an extremely successful year for our Evo IX. With Jim Platis piloting the car we have set a multitude of track records, and accumulated an astounding amount of wins. We completed the season with winning the Florida TTB Championship and the National TTB Championship. We are looking forward to the 2009 season where we hope to contend for wins and championships in TTA. For pictures, video and updates of the racing season please go to:


VelocityTech Episode #3 In this episode we discuss how to find a good mechanic and foster a good relationship. Our special guest is John Deloca he has been in the business for 35 years and provides excellent insight into the car business. Consumer confidence is paramount and the discussion centers on customer satisfaction. We also touch on buying classic cars and racing karts!


VelocityTech Episode #2 In this episode we discuss the importance of setting goals by defining the purpose of the build! Most people naturally want more horsepower, but that is not always the right approach to building a car. Careful consideration must be given to the purpose of your build, weekend tracking, drag racing, show car, etc. Being thoughtful through this process will produce a good build as well as save money.


VelocityTech Episode #1 In this episode we discuss software upgrades! Modern cars are heavily dependent on computers for their function. Today’s computers are extremely powerful and lend themselves to reprogramming that can greatly increase the performance and efficiency of the car. There are different software applications for different cars as well as custom tuning. You must however, consult with a knowledgeable technician for this type of modification.


In our continuing effort to further help and assist our costumers we decided to air a pod-cast show called Velocity Tech. It is a weekly show hosted by car guys for car guys. Each week we try and cover a variety of interesting topics that our listeners have requested. The show is hosted by the owner of Velocity Factor, Felipe Ramirez and the driver of our Evo IX TT car, Jim Platis. If you are interested in participating in the show please email us with your questions or suggestions!