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Episode #2: Purpose of the Build

January 19, 2009

VelocityTech Episode #2 In this episode we discuss the importance of setting goals by defining the purpose of the build! Most people naturally want more horsepower, but that is not always the right approach to building a car. Careful consideration must be given to the purpose of your build, weekend tracking, drag racing, show car, […]

Episode #1: Software

January 12, 2009

VelocityTech Episode #1 In this episode we discuss software upgrades! Modern cars are heavily dependent on computers for their function. Today‚Äôs computers are extremely powerful and lend themselves to reprogramming that can greatly increase the performance and efficiency of the car. There are different software applications for different cars as well as custom tuning. You […]

Velocity Factor launches pod-cast show

January 11, 2009

In our continuing effort to further help and assist our costumers we decided to air a pod-cast show called Velocity Tech. It is a weekly show hosted by car guys for car guys. Each week we try and cover a variety of interesting topics that our listeners have requested. The show is hosted by the […]